South India Tours: South India boasts of a spellbinding amalgamation of landscapes and cultures spread across different states and union territories. This part of India is home to several ethnicities which represent its affluent culture steeped in carefully preserved traditions. The centuries-old temples and ancient buildings dominating the region speak of the verdant history of various civilizations in India.

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South India tours and travel packages give the travellers unending options to explore the natural diversity and culture of the different states lying in the southern part of India. The stunning beaches surrounded by palm and coconut trees, mesmerizing hill stations studded with waterfalls and charming coffee and tea plantations serve as a perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation in South India.

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A South India trip offers the travellers a chance to dive into the rich history by visiting the famous temples, forts and ancient ruins which dominate most of southern India. Places like Hampi, Mysore, Warangal, Pondicherry, and Trivandrum are worth visiting to understand South Indian culture due to their vast historical significance.

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Being blessed with rich natural biodiversity, the hill stations of South India offer an experience to the nature lovers with options to explore the wildlife inhabiting the South Indian forests. There are many nature parks and sanctuaries in South India which give an opportunity to observe the various species of animals in their natural habitat. Some popular wildlife sanctuaries in South India are Nagarhole national park, Bandipur wildlife sanctuary, and Periyar wildlife sanctuary.

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In contrast to the lush green hills, voyaging along the coasts and backwaters of south India lets you capture the calmness of coastal life. Holidaying at beaches is another must-do for travellers where they get to spend serene moments amidst tranquil beaches. Adventure seekers have an option to participate in water sports like snorkelling, banana boat rides, rafting, fishing, and parasailing.

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To truly immerse yourself in the South Indian culture, tasting the local dishes served on banana leaves is a must on your trip. The cuisine is considered to be the spiciest of all Indian cuisines and is a conglomeration of Malabari, Andhra and Chettinad cuisines.

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The dishes from different parts of Southern India vary in their flavours and preparation methods which are largely influenced by the geographical location and climate of the region. Rice is an integral part of every meal which is often served with Sambhar, Rasam or spicy vegetable and meat preparations.

Other popular South Indian dishes include Appams, Uttapams, Dosas, Idlis, and curries. Non- vegetarians should try the massive range of Biryanis which are loaded with plenty of different spices growing in the region. The rich flavours of south Indian curries come from homegrown spices.

You can buy a vast variety of spices grown here from the local markets as souvenirs or for personal use. Being a major producer of coffee in India, you will find some of the best coffees here. A visit to the spice and coffee plantations and breweries is another cherishing activity you must indulge in on your South Indian tour.


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