Public Speaking is one of the oldest forms of communication known to mankind. The concept of speaking publicly is extremely important. The first manual for public speaking was written around 4500 B.C. by the people of ancient Egypt. Public speaking was the first known mass communication process. Throughout history civilizations would rely on powerful, as well as, eloquent speakers to inform, pass laws and uplift audiences.

Ancient nations such as India, Africa and China used public speaking. Aztecs and Central and Southern American cultures used systems for speaking to massive groups. They would set up “relays” where the “relayers” would repeat what was being said.

In the Greece and Rome public speaking became principal and more intergraded in the prospective cultures. The Greeks and Romans used it as a way of education. Talking to large amounts in a group was very common place. Aristotle and Plato used to teach there philosophies, math and history in front of the eager listeners.

Imagine being able to theorize on deep and meaningful things and not be able to explain or talk about those things due to fear or some other reason. The question I would ask myself is this, what would be the point of actually thinking about a subject, coming to conclusions and not being able to effectively tell anyone about it?

History provides prime examples of problem solving techniques that work for humankind. Public speaking is no different; the ancient peoples valued it, taught it and practiced it. You and I should learn from their example. Practical reasons might encourage you to become a better public speaker. Work promotions sometimes hinge on public speaking and the courage it takes to speak publicly.

Driving to an appointment the other morning I sat in my car at a stop light and notice a bumper stick. “Speak Even if Your Knees Knock” is what that sticker said. I thought, “Wow!” I never thought of it that way. Perhaps that is a perfect way of putting it. People throughout history did it and you can too!


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